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This podcast covers some of the signs of depression, causes (physiological and psychological) as well as strategies to manage depression.

Resource part of podcast is based on: centre for clinical  intervention: http://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au

Sexual Health

This podcast hosted by Dr Shivi Rayar interviewing her brother and colleague, Dr Shiva Rayar, a GP working in Sydney, covers the signs of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), testing, treatment and prevention. Dr Shiva Rayar has also done some short simple videos on various health topics and these can be accessed at https://shivarayar.com/videos/


This podcast is hosted by Dr Shivi Rayar where she interviews Glenn Cardwell, an advanced accredited practising dietician on nutrition, various diets, impact of foods containing processed vs natural sugars, blue zone areas of the world, mushrooms and guilt free eating.

Cardiovascular Health:

This podcast is hosted by Dr Shivi Rayar where she interviews Dr Johan Janssen a cardiologist who works at Western Cardiology, on preventative advice for cardiovascular disease (CVD). The podcast covers various areas such as the Mediterranean diet and impact on CVD, how cardiovascular health affects the brain, supplements (such as probiotics, omega 3’s), impact of alcohol on CV health and emerging information about vegetarian/vegan diets. Dr Janssen is happy to discuss any questions/comments on this podcast further if required.

Pelvic Floor:

This podcast is hosted by Dr Shivi Rayar where she interviews Karen Coburn a women’s health physiotherapist who works at Active Health Physiotherapy in Lesmurdie, on health issues surrounding the pelvic floor.  This podcast focuses on issues that women face when the pelvic floor does not function optimally (incontinence, prolapse and dyspareunia) and how this can be addressed.

Alzheimer’s Disease:

This podcast involves a summary by Dr Shivi Rayar on the very informative and interesting article “Dietary and lifestyle guidelines for the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease from the Journal “Neurobiology of Aging 35 (2014): S74-S78”. The podcast covers a summary of the 7 main guidelines (from the article) suggested at the International conference on Nutrition and the Brain, Washington DC to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. Authors of this article: Barnard N, Bush A, Ceccarelli A, Cooper J, de Jager C, Erickson K, Fraser G, Kesler S, Levin S, Lucey B, Morris M, Squitti R.Sleep:


This podcast involves a short summary by Dr Shivi Rayar of some of the important information on sleep from the Centre for Clinical Interventions website. It covers the importance of sleep, symptoms of poor sleep and tips to improve sleep. The podcast is based on the resource Centre for Clinical Interventions at website: cci.health.wa.gov.au.


This podcast involves a short summary of some of the main points on tiredness based on chapter 75 on tiredness/fatigue from the book: John Murtagh’s general practice (5th edition). Pg 791-797 covering various causes of tiredness and assessment/investigations that can be done by a general practitioner to help identify these causes.


This podcast involves a summary of information regarding the management of hypertension from lifestyle based preventative measures.


  1. Heart Foundation: Guideline for the diagnosis and management of hypertension in adults: 2016: https://www.heartfoundation.org.au/images/uploads/publications/PRO-167_Hypertension-guideline-2016_WEB.pdf
  2. Australian Dietary Guidelines: Eat for health: 2013: Australian Government: National Health and Medical Research Council: Department of health and ageing: https://www.nhmrc.gov.au/_files_nhmrc/file/publications/n55_australian_dietary_guidelines1.pdf
  3. Physicians Committee for responsible medicine: http://www.pcrm.org/health/health-topics/high-blood-pressure-hypertension

Omega Fatty Acids:

This podcast involves a short summary of the Omega fatty acids and how to incorporate healthy Omega 3’s into your diet on a regular basis.


1. The UltraMind Solution. Mark Hyman. Pg 771-772.

2. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: http://www.pcrm.org/health/health-topics/essential-fatty-acids

3. Becoming Vegan: Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina. Pg 148-157. 2013. Summertown, Tennessee.

Cardiovascular Health and Women:

This podcast is hosted by Dr Shivi Rayar where she interviews Dr Fiona Foo, a cardiologist from Sydney Cardiology. The podcast focuses on women and cardiovascular (heart) health from 18yrs onwards discussing risk factors for heart disease, the impact of pregnancy and menopause on heart disease and lifestyle measures to prevent heart disease.

Falls Prevention Part 1 :

This podcast is hosted by Dr Shivi Rayar where she interviews Rachel Meade and Sonya Clark from Injury Matters on reducing hazards indoors and outdoors as well as how a home can be assessed to make it safer. In addition this podcast covers important aspects to consider regarding improving/maintaining balance and strength in terms of falls risk reduction.


  1. https://injurymatters.org.au
  2. Falls Risk Checklist: https://www.stayonyourfeet.com.au/home/falls-risk-checklist/
  3. Home Safety Checklist: https://www.stayonyourfeet.com.au/homesafetychecklist/
  4. Remove hazards: https://www.stayonyourfeet.com.au/home/remove-hazards

Falls Prevention Part 2:

This podcast is hosted by Dr Shivi Rayar and is a continuation of the previous podcast where she interviews Rachel Meade and Sonya Clark from Injury Matters on additional tips to reduce the risk of falls. This podcast focuses on safety tips regarding medications and alcohol intake. The podcast also gives practical tips on how to improve nutrition and have a healthy mind.

Gut Health:

This podcast is hosted by Dr Shivi Rayar where she interviews Dr Vincent Pedre who is a Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health, Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner at a private practice in New York City and IFM faculty member, on the topic of gut health. Dr Vincent Pedre is also the author of the book “Happy Gut”. This podcast covers conversations on the importance of the gut microbiome, what factors impact it and how it can be improved, to impact our health in our positive way.

Heart brain relationship and meditation:

This podcast is hosted by Dr Shivi Rayar where she interviews Monique Class, a certified family nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist in holistic health and wellness educator at the center for women’s health where she inspires patients to implement lifestyle changes to improve health. Monique is also an adjunct professor at the college of New Rochelle graduate school of nursing and a clinical instructor for Yale Graduate school of nursing. In this podcast we cover topics such as heart rate variability and the impact of different emotions on the heart’s electromagnetic field and brain.  We also cover the effects of meditation and the effect of appreciation on electromagnetic fields. Please excuse any background sounds (6.42-8.29) as this podcast was recorded at a conference.

Adolescent mental health, substance use and family domestic violence:

This podcast is hosted by Dr Shivi Rayar where she interviews Owen Robinson on the topic of adolescent mental health, substance use and family domestic violence. Owen is a counsellor who has a background of management of a branch of Relationships Australia, has worked in community adult mental health and as a school counsellor. He was a former vice-chair of the Eastern Region Domestic Violence Regional Committee in 2006 and has had an active involvement in a range of family and domestic violence initiatives over several years. The podcast covers signs of a mood disorder in adolescents, contributing factors to a mood disorder and substance use as well as the impact of family and domestic violence on an adolescent. In addition, sources of assistance in these areas are covered in this podcast.

Resources of some of the statistics quoted in the podcast:

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (based on the National Youth Information Framework Indicators data)  https://www.aihw.gov.au/reports/children-youth/nyif-indicators/contents/summary (Last updated: 8/9/2015)

Other resources:

Mental Health Emergency Response Line number – 1300 555 788

Headspace: young person-friendly mental health service: headspace.org.au

Crisis care: 9223 1111

Next Step Drug and Alcohol Services:  08 9219 1919

If homeless: Entrypointperth: 1800 124 684

Women’s Domestic violence helpline: 9223 1188